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The world's first modular magnetic phone stand and wallet system.

Cleverly designed with magnets allowing you to effortlessly adjust the height and angle of your device to optimize the best viewing experience whether you’re at home, the office, or on the go.


Elevating your Phone

Elevates your life

Whether you’re  using your phone as a second display, on Clubhouse, or FaceTiming your friends, find the perfect viewing angle and the optimum height to comfortably use your device with PHOLDR. 


Mag it Flat

Whether your remote working or back in the office, PHOLDR's patented structure is designed to fold flat so you can easily take it anywhere you go. 

DSCF8523 3.jpg

MagEasy + MagSafe = Magic

MagEasy PHOLDR is especially designed for use with the Apple MagSafe Wireless Charger. Unlock your phone in a glance while its charging wirelessly or traditionally snapped snug to PHOLDR. 


PHOLDR comes with Friends

MagEasy PHOLDR and its accessories work seamlessly as a modular magnetic system. Snap the MagEasy Cling-on Wallet to your phone, PHOLDR, or even your fridge and use the MagEasy Pouch to carry up to 10 business cards!


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